The latest imagery from Chris Clor

I finally created a bit of time to photograph some sample ideas i’ve had kicking around. This series pays homage to the “Man in Black”, both of them.

For my photographer followers here are the tech bits. The model was photographed in studio with Hasselblad HD3 II, one keylight and one fill light. The backgrounds were photographed in Arizona and Michigan. Compositing and grading in CS5. The backgrounds were selected from my image library prior to the shoot so it was  a simple matter of matching lighting,  lensing and perspective of the the Darth character.

I wanted to create the stark, lonely feeling so often used in Johnny Cash’s album covers, using many of the same elements and similar compositions of course with the twist (there’s always a twist!) of using Darth as the Man in Black.

Special thanks to Do Walschots (Grand Rapids, MI)  who handled production, casting, props, wardrobe and styling.

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