New work from Chris Clor

Here is another new sample I conceptualized and shot last week. I would certainly hate to have this image as well as others in my portfolio interpreted by anyone in the mental health industry as I am fearful of the results! The model with chain and gorilla’s collar  were photographed in the studio against a white background. I spent some time at the zoo photographing various animals, the gorilla of course being a favorite of mine provided some interesting images to select from. The background is a combination of roads, alleys, skyline and sky which I photographed in Detroit. Always plenty of “ruin porn” available in that city.  I shot the alleys etc. on an overcast afternoon which is my favorite weather for turning day into night or dusk. Since there is a lack of direction to the light it provides a great canvas for relighting in post. The windows were dark originally but thanks to the color dodge tool they became illuminated. The shoot was well planned with wardrobe styling, hair, makeup by Do Walschots and the post was a breeze. I spent no more than a few hours on it with most of the time spent doing the mundane chores of masking, especially in the case of the gorilla since I could not provide a background to shoot him against for obvious reasons. The backgrounds were shot with with a Canon 5dMKII and the talent was photographed with a Hasselblad H3DII. Hope you enjoy.

One response to “New work from Chris Clor

  1. Brilliant work. A great mix of reality and fantasy that works only because it is flawless in it’s execution. Well done.

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