Born To Run…

Here’s my take on the iconic Bruce Springsteen album cover originally photographed by the brilliant Eric Meola.  This idea posed some challenges as with a tight time frame I could not source a decent stormtrooper costume. My Stylist, Do Walschots did manage a great Chewbacca outfit as well as saxaphone. We shot the Chewy character in studio  posed with the sax with a Hasselblad H3DII camera. The storm trooper was rigged, posed and rendered in Maya.  The Fender Telecaster is also CG and was rendered in a separate pass in Cinema 4d (it was just easier to do it this way as the Tele was native C4D format and I could avoid translating the c4d file to something Maya could understand). The guitar strap was photographed later and the whole lot composed in Adobe photoshop. I added a nice film grain to the image to lend it a period look as well… way back back when we all we had was film! Hope you enjoy this latest image as much as I did creating it.

Many thanks go to all the folks at Terzers Studio in glorious downtown Grand Rapids, MI. This is a top notch, super chic place to shoot with wonderfully nice staff. Also, Do Walschots who produced, and styled this last round of samples and my son Chris Jr. who assisted. 

6 responses to “Born To Run…

  1. Great job. Guess you know by now that this has been linked on the NEWS page (in their “…OUT ON THE WIRE…” section.) It’s also been re-posted on the Backstreets Magazine Facebook page, where some are speculating whether “Bruce” is dressed as a “real” Imperial Stormtrooper or as Han Solo in disguised-trooper mode (with the late, great Clarence Clemons “dressed” as Chewbacca, of course.) I guess not all of my fellow Springsteen/STAR-WARS fans know of last year’s “revelation” that George Lucas originally offered Clarence and Bruce the roles of Chewie and Han (respectively.):

    Hilarious…Oh, and Happy Life Day, everyone!:

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