Clor Studios new image

Here’s the latest image creation by Chris Clor.  Much of my work is a combination of CGI elements combined with photography and has been since the early 90’s when I first began experimenting with this workflow. This latest image combines a cg grasshopper and cg grass, with a background I photographed near Buckingham Palace. The grasshopper with top hat and monocle was rendered in Cinema 4D. 

5 responses to “Clor Studios new image

      • Wow, a reply from the man himself!
        I’m looking at 3d for my photo studio and want to learn enough to hire someone down the road or at least properly vet freelancers. Not sure what direction to go in regarding software, but my main concern is the time it takes to learn. Any suggestions on accelerating that process?
        As a studio product and people photographer I love the idea of total (almost) control over images and the ability to take an image where I’ve always wanted to go but couldn’t. 3d has to become part of my look and workflow. You’ve really set the bar and I admire your work and approach.

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