Chris Clor fourth installment to the classic portrait series.

Here is the last installment of the classic portrait series… at least for now as other projects are limiting my fun with this series. I think it is important to note how these images were constructed.  I initially researched old masters paintings for inspiration and gathered ideas for  wardrobe and backgrounds. Do Walschots who has worked with me on this series as well as others was responsible for  hair, makeup, casting, and wardrobe and was instrumental in seeing this project to fruition. After the casting, wardrobe and props were selected and the shoot was scheduled.  The talent was shot against a white or black background depending on hair color etc.. I chose to capture on film as I wanted the dimensional quality as well as the color nuance only achievable with film. In this case Kodak Porta 160. This film is a color negative film that renders skin beautifully. I processed the film myself with a portable processor I own from Photo-Therm and scanned the negs on a Nikon Coolscan 9000.  I shot with a Fuji GX680III with 120mm lens. That camera is a monster but I love using it and the huge 6x8cm neg scans beautifully. I used my Hasselblad H3DII as a modern day polaroid camera to check lighting and confirm exposure.  It also provided interesting comparisons between the digital capture and the film scan.  The film hands down yielded superior results overall. Although I would say the digital images were beautiful as well. The backgrounds were constructed in Cinema 4D and carefully rendered to support the subject photo. The images were composited and sweetened in photoshop.


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