The making of “The Storm”

This video demonstrates the steps taken while creating the latest image “The Storm” by Chris Clor

This project was spawned out of my desire to create an epic wave image.  Having had some success with a previous ocean image  “Das Boot” depicting a surfacing u-boat and my endless fascination with waves and clouds, I decided to expand on the wave theme.  After some experimentation with creating the monster wave in my favorite cg program Cinema 4d,  I abandoned the cg approach to the wave.  mainly because I felt I could get a better result using photoshop having more control. Also cg modeling is not my forte!

I began by roughing out the base layer of the wave using photoshop paint tools. I just wanted to create the basic shape and feel of the wave. I then pulled from my library of smaller wave images photos of waves and ocean textures. These were overlaid in “soft light” mode as layers. I then pulled some images of breaking waves from a recent trip to Camps Bay Beach in Cape Town South Africa. I used these at the top of the rogue wave. I also added various splashes and spray from a shoot I did for Kiwi Shoe Products where we had models jumping into puddles of water to demonstrate the products water repellant qualities. The splases were added in “screen” mode as the splashes were shot against black.

The sky and landscape was pulled from my library of stock images and combined to heighten the effect of impending doom but also with a glimmer of hope, hence the sun breaking through the clouds.

The boat was lit and rendered in Cinema 4d. Additional grunge layers and lighting were added in photoshop.

I spent a fair bit of time with the final grade and minute details as you can see in the video… I bounced back and forth a few times with color and lighting but finally arrived at what I felt was an image that had that “epic” quality I try to infuse in my work.  I think all toll there were probably over 100 layers in this image spread out over 3 versions.

Also…I am working on getting a higher quality video of this on to this post. For some reason when uploading to this blog videos are highly compressed and don’t reflect the quality of the video that was being uploaded.  So check back in a week or so for a better look.

2 responses to “The making of “The Storm”

  1. Great image, would love to hear your verbal description of how it was done as well as the visual. I assume the boat was a render in another program? You have some amazing work, thanks for sharing it.

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