Chris Clor…Unplugged

I’ll be posting some images in this and future posts that are what I consider “unplugged”. What I mean by that is these are images that do not rely on compositing, photo shop trickery or  cg elements. Of course I have nothing against that approach since the bulk of my work is created in this manner, but it is nice every now and then to get back to basics.  These images are from a library of images I have created during my travels. I tend to carry a camera with me wherever I go especially when visiting somewhere new. I try to find interesting compositions, abstracts, a moment in time or a subtle interaction of people on the street. They are straight forward photos with only modifications to hue/sat,  levels and curves one might do while processing the raw image . I hope you enjoy!

This first image was taken at the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech, Moracco. The reflection of the garden on the water as well as the texture and color from the bottom of the pond co-mingle to provide an almost impressionist backdrop for the  fish. The random, accidental composition really appealed to me which is why I selected this image from the others I took.





3 responses to “Chris Clor…Unplugged

  1. I think it would make for an interesting challenge for a photographer to try and create surrealistic and / or abstract shots without doing much (if anything) in post. And I mean that not just in terms of composition but also with respect to the look of the shot. I say this in part because I am as lazy as they come (I downloaded a 30 day trial of Photoshop and never used it once – I say this with great pride heh, heh ;-). And in case you think that this is backhanded criticism of your CG-heavy work – it is not, as the work speaks for itself. Morocco is an amazing place for the street photographer and I look forward to seeing the rest. Great shot by the way!

    Would I be asking too much if I inquire what camera you use for such photos? I bought a Nikon D600 last year which I absolutely loathe. I’m now thinking of either a Canon 5D Mark III, a Fuji XT-1 (the sensor on this one is superb), a Sony A7R (I tried the A7 the other day at the store in poor light and the images were noise-free and super sharp – the R-version has no OLPF so the pics are even sharper and the resolution is higher by 12MP), or something ludicrously expensive like the Leica S which is probably too advanced for a fresh fish 😉 such as myself. I am very curious to hear your thoughts however brief.

    • As for creating images entirely in camera that have the look of a composited shot…interesting concept and very doable. I think what generally prevents this, at least in the commercial world is the cost. Since it is generally easier and less costly to shoot background plates with very little cost and crew and then shooting talent or the prodcut to match the perspective and lighting in a studio or even a parking lot. If the budget is there I always opt for less trickery but sadly these can be very few and far between. Even then the images will be enhanced in post. It’s just how things are done nowadays. It would be a great self assignment though.
      As for cameras. I am a big fan of the Sony A7r. I purchased a nex7 a year or so ago and fell in love with the EVF. When the A7r came out I purchased one and tested it against my trusted Hasselblad H3DII 39 mp.
      Realize the Hasselblad is 3x the size and weight and the lenses are big and heavy. I travel often and the weight of my carry on camera bag exceeded 50lb. The Hasselblad cameras are great but the Sony is far more capable and the image quality in my mind was at least as good if not better. I sold the Hasselblad system in favor of the Sony. I love the Sony A7r. Huge beautiful files, super small and very light. It’s not the camera for doing sports type work but it really suits the type of work I do. I use a Few of the Sony/Zeiss lenses with it as well as some really great old school Olympus OM prime lenses that I have with an adapter. I also use my Canon glass on it with great results. I now travel with 2 A7r bodies, a Nex 7, a handful of lenses in a case that is much smaller and half the weight. Anxious to see order a few of the zooms that Sony has. The Sony/Zeiss glass I do have is outstanding.

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