Bombay Beach, Sultan Sea, CA new work from Chris Clor

I spent a few hours in Bombay Beach on the Sultan Sea in California.  Check out my website for the series.

A very surreal experience…soul crushing heat,  biting flies, and the stench of rotting fish. After 10 minutes gagging I was able to more or less get use to the smell. It was 106 F  and as I understand it a relatively cool day. Bombay Beach is truly the land that time forgot.  I planned the trip so I would arrive late morning as I wanted the most stark, barren look to the images. The town is only around a 1/4 mile square and surrounded by a levy on the sea side. There is one small paved bit of road that goes up and over the levy which is where the remains of the rotting cabins and trailers can be found.  I photographed these images with a Sony A7r using a Zeiss 35mm f2.8 and also a Sony 70-200mm f4 zoom lens. _DSC2994


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