“Emmy and the Whale” children’s book by Chris Clor and Julian Burrett

Our book, “Emmy and the Whale” Is finally here! We are proud to present this book to the world. The book is about a young girl’s magical adventure with a majestic whale. Julian Burrett is the book’s author and I am responsible for the artwork.

The imagery was created by combining photography and CGI, where our talent, “Emmy” was photographed in studio with a Sony A7r, and the CGI was modelled and rendered in Cinema 4d, my go to software for most things CGI. Thousands of hours went into the creation of this book and we think it will become a favourite of children and their parents too!

Please have a look at the website: http://www.emmyandthewhale.com or the Emmy and the Whale Face Book page for a closer look. You can also make direct purchases from the website. We also ship worldwide.

Some of the words used to describe “Emmy and the Whale” from folks who have just received there copy: Magical, stunning, mesmerizing to name a few. Enjoy!

We are currently in production on our next 3 books with an eye to complete these by mid 2016.

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