Chris Clor Abstracts

This is a series of abstracts I photographed at the Bilbao, Spain Guggenheim museum. The building is very unusual architecturally speaking and the ceilings and walls provided tremendous opportunity for creating abstracts with the many curves, angles and mixed lighting. The photographs were made with a Sony A7r and Sony24-70 lens. I have also included a photo of the exterior of this beautiful building which may help to explain the dramatic curved walls within.

_DSC4270 _DSC4315 _DSC4324 _DSC4344 _DSC4353 _DSC4381 _DSC3901

2 responses to “Chris Clor Abstracts

  1. Chris, I love these! That exterior shot is very similar to the “Peter B. Lewis” building in Cleveland. My “Cleveland” gallery on my website has a couple of these…I wonder if it was designed by the same designer. Lewis was the head of Progressive Insurance and donated money to the Case Western Reserve college here in Cleveland. My site is

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