Chris Clor Abstracts

This is a series of abstracts I photographed at the Bilbao, Spain Guggenheim museum. The building is very unusual architecturally speaking and the ceilings and walls provided tremendous opportunity for creating abstracts with the many curves, angles and mixed lighting. The photographs were made with a Sony A7r and Sony24-70 lens. I have also included a photo of the exterior of this beautiful building which may help to explain the dramatic curved walls within.

_DSC4270 _DSC4315 _DSC4324 _DSC4344 _DSC4353 _DSC4381 _DSC3901

“Norman” another video vignette from the “Behind Closed Doors” series.

The talent and cat were filmed on a green screen and composited using After Effects with Primatte Keyer, my go to keyer for green screen work. The set was constructed in CG using Cinema 4d. The video camera used is a Sony FS700 with 4k upgrade and an Odyssey 7Q+ recording 4k RAW.  I also shot stills simultaneously with a Sony A7RII mounted on top of the cage of the FS700.  Hopefully this will become an ongoing series for me as I have plenty of ideas for future installments! .

“The Cook” video vignette

Here is a quick video vignette of “The Cook” as part of my series “Behind Closed Doors”. The actor was filmed on green screen as the entire room set including stove is CGI. I used a Sony FS700 and an Odyssey 7q+ to record raw 4k. Attached to the top of this rig was my Sony A7RII which I used to shoot the stills. I used LED lighting exclusively here for the video and the stills.  The smoke rising from the frying pan was filmed separately against a black background and added to the video comp in “screen mode” which makes all of the black pixels transparent. Software used: Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D and Arnold render.