Chris Clor…Unplugged

I’ll be posting some images in this and future posts that are what I consider “unplugged”. What I mean by that is these are images that do not rely on compositing, photo shop trickery or  cg elements. Of course I have nothing against that approach since the bulk of my work is created in this manner, but it is nice every now and then to get back to basics.  These images are from a library of images I have created during my travels. I tend to carry a camera with me wherever I go especially when visiting somewhere new. I try to find interesting compositions, abstracts, a moment in time or a subtle interaction of people on the street. They are straight forward photos with only modifications to hue/sat,  levels and curves one might do while processing the raw image . I hope you enjoy!

This first image was taken at the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech, Moracco. The reflection of the garden on the water as well as the texture and color from the bottom of the pond co-mingle to provide an almost impressionist backdrop for the  fish. The random, accidental composition really appealed to me which is why I selected this image from the others I took.





The making of “The Stripper” from the book Smoke Without Fire.

  The challenge with this image was to create a strip club environment that would suit our somewhat twisted narrative. Working in my typical fashion I elected to create an environment from scratch rather than dealing with finding the perfect club and dealing with the complexities of the shot on location and our limited time and budget. The talent, except for our lovely stripper, were cast from friends, assistants, even the owner of the studio we rented to shoot in. The idea being our girl would be surrounded by hooligans and unsavory characters…my friends and associates exceeded my expectations in this regard. Our model Alexandra, being the shy girl she is, asked to be photographed alone and not within this group. I can’t say as I blame her. I photographed her doing her routine on a stripper pole rig we fabricated from a Manfrotto AutoPole against a grey background with appropriate lighting to fit the yet to be created club environment. Some days are harder than others. The rest of the group were photographed individually or in pairs depending on their interaction with each other. Additional elements on the stage floor were photographed independently as well. Elements in the background were photographed at various clubs in the Detroit area. The chrome stripper pole and stage floor were modeled and rendered in CG to match the overall perpective. Please watch the short video to see it all come together. One of my favorite images and we all had a great time shooting this.

I shot with a Canon 5d MKII w/24-70 lens and  Profoto lighting. The CG was rendered in Cinema 4d.